June 2021 Newsletter

Jun. 7, 2021 by

President’s Column Civil Action on the Outpost In previous articles, I presented proposals for a criminal justice system for a large space habitat such as The Outpost. In this article,…Read more ->

May 2021 Newsletter

May. 3, 2021 by

President’s Column SpaceX, Mars, and Space Commerce One of the major problems with space development for any corporation or government is that it is a huge money sink. Until the…Read more ->

March 2021 Newsletter

Mar. 16, 2021 by

President’s Column Artificial Intelligence? Because it will be a gigantic, highly complex, synthetic environment, The Outpost will require highly complex control systems with extensive and continual monitoring. The complexity and…Read more ->

February 2021 Newsletter

Feb. 13, 2021 by

President’s Column Things are heating up in new space activity. A lot has happened in the last month. Here’s hoping that it is an indication of things to come. I…Read more ->

January 2021 Newsletter

Jan. 12, 2021 by

President’s Column Some Thoughts About Economics for The Outpost “The final and absolute test of good government is the well-being and contentment of the people – not the extent of…Read more ->

December 2020 Newsletter

Dec. 8, 2020 by

President’s Column The Climate Crisis: Have we reached the Tipping Point? The Earth is in trouble. Wildfires rage through our forests. Unprecedented storms batter the land and rising oceans generate…Read more ->

November 2020 Newsletter

Nov. 10, 2020 by

President’s Column Climate, the Space Program and The Outpost We are destroying our planet. Thousands of species are becoming extinct. Coral reefs are dying. The diversity of life in the…Read more ->

World Space Week 2020 (October Newsletter)

Oct. 4, 2020 by

President’s Column Some Thoughts on Alien Life This column is going to be more speculative than usual. Rather than discussing The Outpost itself, I’m going to look at some of…Read more ->

August 2020 Newsletter

Aug. 31, 2020 by

President’s Column The Question of Justice The Outpost will be a unique environment, isolated but with a complex advanced technology. It will be dependent on that technology for its survival.…Read more ->

July 2020 Newsletter

Jul. 31, 2020 by

President’s Column Why We Need Artemis It is ironic that in the same month as the anniversary of Humanity’s first steps on another world, the Commerce, Justice and Science Subcommittee…Read more ->

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